Creative writing piece: “For the Birds”

The clouds parted to reveal a glowing crescent moon. Tears streamed down my face at the beauty of the gesture. It was the perfect gift I didn’t know I needed. We moved to this property last year from a townhouse. For four years, that was the nest I shared with Jackie, my little tuxedo cat. […]

The video that shifted me to purpose

Wow, it’s been a year. One year since I posted the “Beyond the Platitudes” video. It started as an idea of how to connect with people on my birthday during the initial pandemic lockdown. I figured I’d get a handful of videos of people saying “I love you” and I’d edit them together – presto […]

The book report – publisher signed!

I’m so excited to share that I’ve signed on with Tall Pine Press for the editing and publishing of my first book. In the first few days after I signed and let some friends know the news, it felt as if I was looking through the glass at someone else’s life. It’s funny as a […]

Got privilege?

Yes, I write motivational content about overcoming fears and setbacks. However it’s important to acknowledge that I had the colour of my skin on my side. As an example, White people are more likely to own land and receive inheritance funds from family. I hadn’t given much thought to the inheritances I had received, since […]

How to fall in love with yourself

This practice has changed my life but for years I kept it to myself. In early 2020, I wrote an article for Medium about how to harness the sensation of being in love and direct it to myself. Not everyone likes to read lots of words, so I curled up in a comfy chair to […]

the video that started it all

I had been meaning to get around to starting a youtube channel, but it was a blizzard in January 2020 that caused me to open an account, record and post my first video! It was part of a meetup where we had 5 minutes to speak on a topic. I got up and got ready […]

Drawing in dreams

I’ve been setting up for a significant life change for a while now and in summer 2020 it was time to take the leap. I put my house on the market with no where to move and drew the property and house I wanted. I got exactly what I drew, and also got what I […]

All the things I’ve produced about love (so far)

This is a hub page, to share links to the work I’ve completed on love. Note that this was first published on my consultant website, Pick if you’d like to read the article yourself or have me read it to you.It’s about how my life changing practice of falling in love with myself. We […]