Podcasts I’ve guested on

When I was writing the book, I had a premonition / vision / daydream of sorts that I would be pregnant while being interviewed for my book release. When this vision came in, I hadn’t even met my husband yet! I was big in my dream – seemed like I was close to my due date.

Well, lo and behold, I guested on four podcasts while in the last few months of pregnancy. Podcasts are available on Spotify, Apple, and wherever else you get your podcasts!

Bounce Back and Thrive

Conditional Love to Unconditional Love

36 minutes


Enthusiastically Spiritual

Journey from a Cult-like Church to Self-love

31 minutes


She walks the walk

How I Learned to Dissolve Darkness

52 minutes


The Pursuit of Evolution

Fade to Light with Jessica Evans

36 minutes


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