Hello, I'm Jessica Evans

You haven’t met anyone quite like me, and I’m not saying that with any ego. Thing is, we’re all different, so I haven’t met anyone like you, either.

Do you enjoy super hero movies as much as I do? I have three older brothers so was raised on super heroes and race cars. When I was little, Superman was my absolute favourite. I was removed kicking and screaming from the theatre at SuperMan III – the bad guys turn Superman bad! I couldn’t take the disappointment and lost my shit.

every super hero has an origin story, right?  Some hardship they overcame, something that gave them their powers.

My upbringing was the best way my parents knew how to raise me, but I had to leave it – and lose them – to really live. Yeah, it’s rough. But it happened, a long time ago, and I’ve healed from it.

I won’t get into that detail here; I’m saving the gory detail for the book I’m writing. You’ll join me as a co-pilot. We’ll review some heavy stuff together and I’ll lay out how it’s made me who I am. And I love who I am. Wouldn’t change a thing.

Our greatest pain can be our greatest gift.

We all have powers. You see, there’s something unique that only you can offer to the world. It’s a mix of how you were raised, your experiences along the way and how you’ve integrated them. I’d love to hear your story too! But for now we’re on my website so it’s about me.

One thing about super hero movies is that we don’t origin story for the entire movie. Eventually our protagonist finds strength from their challenges. They embrace what it is that’s led them to feel different.

I’m here on the other side of some intense sh*t and I’m here to lead by example. In 2019 I opted to renew life for another 10 years, so I need to get cracking on sharing everything I know and I’ve learned. The deadline helped! I’ve rearranged my life to have the structure to write, teach, and share.

It’s up to you to build your own truth and follow the path that feels right to you. Don’t let anyone tell you any differently, ok?