Eventually the book took over. Became my priority.

A quick update with amazing news – the book will be released on…

(drum roll please)

February 3, 2023!

It’s been a wild ride since the first chapter came out in December, 2020

I signed with a small publishing company in February 2021, and figured I’d have the book done later that year.

I had noooooo idea.

It took quite a while to wrap my head (and heart) around the edits. Getting the stories onto the page was a journey in and of itself. I didn’t realize that each edit would be like time travelling back to be immersed in the story. Sometimes it was exhausting.

Eventually I found the power that was coming from combing through these words.

Eventually the book took over. Became my priority. It became the first thing I did every morning. Then again most evenings. Go away on the weekend? No. That’s prime writing focus time.
February 3, 2023. Three more months to go!
I’m honestly ready for you to read it RIGHT NOW! But alas there are things like print layout, cover design, evaluation copies and audiobook recording.
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