Creative writing: The Gift

In the spirit of completion, I’ve given this draft a quick read through and am happy to share it nearly two years after I wrote it in January 2022!  He told me that I would know exactly what it was if I were to pick it up. Simply wrapped in plain brown paper and held […]

Audiobook available!

It was so important to me to read my book to you. Nearly a year since I started recording the audiobook and I’m pleased to share that my memoir, Fade to Light, is available for you to purchase and listen! The final draft of the book was cleared by the editor in October 2022. With […]

I’ll read you a chapter!

I popped onto video last week to read a chapter from my memoir, Fade to Light. The baby was asleep and his dad held onto the monitor for long enough for me to record a couple videos! It’s lightly annotated – couldn’t help myself – and is from later in the book when I reflect […]

Podcasts I’ve guested on

When I was writing the book, I had a premonition / vision / daydream of sorts that I would be pregnant while being interviewed for my book release. When this vision came in, I hadn’t even met my husband yet! I was big in my dream – seemed like I was close to my due […]

Creative writing piece: “For the Birds”

The clouds parted to reveal a glowing crescent moon. Tears streamed down my face at the beauty of the gesture. It was the perfect gift I didn’t know I needed. We moved to this property last year from a townhouse. For four years, that was the nest I shared with Jackie, my little tuxedo cat. […]

The book report – publisher signed!

I’m so excited to share that I’ve signed on with Tall Pine Press for the editing and publishing of my first book. In the first few days after I signed and let some friends know the news, it felt as if I was looking through the glass at someone else’s life. It’s funny as a […]