the video that started it all

Pretend your recipient is in line for a coffee and only glances at the preview text from your email – will they know what to action?

I had been meaning to get around to starting a youtube channel, but it was a blizzard in January 2020 that caused me to open an account, record and post my first video!

It was part of a meetup where we had 5 minutes to speak on a topic. I got up and got ready to drive into Vancouver for a day of work before the evening presentation. I was gutted to bail on the meetup but we don’t often get actual blizzard warnings and it felt risky and downright unsafe to make the drive-in. I embedded this video in a slide deck so I could be one of the presenters.

Several hours later the meetup was cancelled. I was home safe and warm and presto – my life as a YouTuber was born.

I’m glad I made the best of it and I’ve had so much fun with recording videos for youtube since then!

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