All the things I’ve produced about love (so far)

This is a hub page, to share links to the work I’ve completed on love. Note that this was first published on my consultant website,

Pick if you’d like to read the article yourself or have me read it to you.
It’s about how my life changing practice of falling in love with myself. We all deserve love, and that it doesn’t need to come from an external source, nope! It can be generated within. With this practice, we move beyond self-love and self-care, into a space of safety.

It’s becoming a part of my business too!
With Love as a working / corporate value
And two videos talking about the concept
Love as a corporate value (pt 1) and Love at work – wait there’s more! (pt 2)

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impressed woman with unimpressed cat

Bonus – the time I tried to record a video about falling in love with yourself but the cat kept interrupting. Watch me laugh my ass off with Caturruption.

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